Celia Jaspers (née Offwood): PRODUCER / DIRECTOR / EDITOR

Cell: NZ +64 21 782 785       Email: celia@scorpio.co.nz       Web: https://scorpio.co.nz

“Celia is a highly motivated producer director who has consistently delivered GSTV excellent primetime material. She has high organisational skills and is capable of delivering television series’ by driving large production teams. Creatively she understands the necessary story arcs that modern networks demand – and has a strong visual sense. In either the producer or director league, Celia is a valuable asset to GSTV.”

Phil Smith – Managing Director, Great Southern TV

“… we wanted a director who could come up creative ideas that would set the show apart from other children’s programmes. Celia delivered – from the outset she was totally dedicated to the success of the show – she scripted and directed (and edited a number of shows) and went way beyond what I would normally ask from a director. She is creative, very well organised, very knowledgeable about her craft and always receptive to suggestions from other team members. This won’t be the last time Celia works for Top Shelf.”

Laurie Clarke, Executive Producer, Top Shelf Productions


• 45+ awards for “Milk” across 100+ international festivals

• Script Supervisor CEO Training with Jennifer Carriere 2023
• Bronze at WorldFest Houston International Film Festival for “The Polycees“, 2023
• Finalist & Winner of Best Family Film for “Homeschool” – V48 Hours Film Festival Lockdown, 2020
• Grand Jury Judge  New York Festivals International Film & Television Awards, 2019 to present
• “Country Calendar – Routeburn” – SILVER World Medal for Directing (craft)
& BRONZE World Medal for Best Lifestyle Programme, 2019 New York Festivals International Television & Film Awards.
• Judge  New Zealand Television Awards 2018 to present
• “Country Calendar – Barley Barons” – Bronze World Medal for Best Lifestyle Programme, 2018 New York Festivals International Television and Film Awards.
• Judge New Zealand Television Awards 2017
• “Primeval New Zealand” – Gold World Medal for Best Nature & Wildlife Documentary, 2013 New York Festivals International Television and Film Awards.
• “Editing for Drama Masterclass with John Gilbert” – NZ Film School, Wellington 2013
• “Primeval New Zealand” – Best Natural History Program at Asian TV Awards, December 2012.
• “Primeval New Zealand” – Best Life Sciences Program at Jackson Hole Science Media Awards, Sept 2012.
• “Primeval New Zealand” – Best Scientific Content at 35th International Wildlife Film Festival, April 2012.
• “Primeval New Zealand” – Best Of Category” TV program under $250K at 35th IWFF, April 2012.
• “Primeval New Zealand” – Best Graphics / Animation at 35th IWFF, April 2012.
• Winner of Summer Photography Competition – Mindfood Magazine, May 2012.
• Editor of “Life Force – Madagascar” – Best Scientific Content at 34th International Wildlife Film Festival, May 2011.
• Editor of “Life Force – New Zealand” – Best Documentary short at Bejing International Film Festival & Best Science Documentary at Science Teller, 2011.
• Editor of “Life Force – NZ & Madagascar” – Nomination for Best Series at Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival, 2011.
• “5 senses of filmmaking with Rob Sarkies” NZ Film School, Wellington, 2010.
• Top Student Award in “News Media Processes”, Communication & Journalism Department, Massey University, 2009.
• “Melbourne University – Summer Film School” Specialist Directing Classes, Melbourne 2009.
• “Directing Teenage and Children Actors” Workshop, Miranda Harcourt, NZ Screen Council, Auckland 2008.
• Nominated for “Emerging Producer of the Year 2006”, WIFT.
• “Directing Actors” Workshop, Judith Weston, The Film School, Wellington 2004.
• Director of WNTV episode, Finalist in Qantas Media Awards, “Best Children’s Programme” 2003.
• “Directing Comedy”, Australian Film, Television & Radio School, Sydney, 2002.
• “Directing for Film” Workshops, Auckland 2001.
• “Robert McKee Screenwriters Workshop”, Sydney, 1997.
• “Advanced Video Editing”, South Seas Film and Television School, Auckland, 1995.


IN DEVELOPMENT (LEAD PRODUCER): “A Dogs Show”, Feature film, Wayleggo Films, 2024
DIRECTOR / PRODUCER / EDITOR/WRITER: “The Polycees”, Proof on concept Short Film, 2023
PRODUCER/2nd AD: “The Watch”, Short Film, Hiroki Kamada for Panasonic, 2023
SUPERVISING PRODUCER: “Bikes”, Short Film for Panasonic LUMIX, 2023
SUPERVISING PRODUCER: “Dance”, Short Film for Panasonic LUMIX, 2023
CHAPERONE: “Time Bandits”, TV Series, 2023
IN DEVELOPMENT (CREATOR): “The Polycees”, Children’s Feature Film & Series
IN DEVELOPMENT (DIRECTOR/PRODUCER): “Chasing the Wind”, Short Film, Scorpio Productions
ASSOCIATE PRODUCER: “Shut Eye”, Feature Film 2022
DIRECTOR / PRODUCER / EDITOR/WRITER: “Milk”, Short Film, Scorpio & Triquestra Films 2021.
“Homeschool”, Short film, “Best Family Film” V48 Hours Lockdown, Scorpio Productions 2020
ONSCREEN FEATURED EXTRA / EXTRAS AD: “Poppy”, Feature Film. Producers Robin Laing, Alex Cole-Baker, 2020
IN DEVELOPMENT: “Sunshine Retirement”, Feature Film. Triquestra Films.
ONSCREEN EXTRA: “Avatar 2”, Feature Film. 2020
ONSCREEN EXTRA: “Holden”, TVC. Sweet Shop for Holden, 2019.
EDITOR: “Rice”, Short film, “Viewers Choice” River Film Fest, Producers: Emmanuel Productions, 2003.
ONLINE EDITOR / COLOURIST: “Dark Knight”, Series 2, Palana Productions, Avalon Studios, 2001. Line Producer: Jan Haynes. Producer: Terry Marcel
P.A. / 2ND AD: “K-Swiss Tennis Shoes” TVC. Backyard Productions, Chicago, 1997, Auckland. PM: Katharine Curtis, Line Producers: Barbara Williams, Murray Francis.
P.A. / 2ND AD: “Boots Pharmacy”, TVC. Harkness Sayers Productions, London, 1996, Queenstown. PM: Nicky Saggers, Line Producer: Barbara Williams.
P.A. / RUNNER: “Philips” TVC. Magneto Productions, Auckland, 1995. PM: Katharine Curtis. Producer: Terry Herbert.
PRODUCTION RUNNER: “Watties Frozen Foods”, TVC. Silverscreen Productions, Auckland, 1995. PM, Katharine Curtis, Producer: Roimata MacGregor.
PRODUCTION CO-ORDINATOR: Short Film, “Court”, James Wallace Productions, 1995, Auckland. PM: Katharine Curtis.
PRODUCTION RUNNER: “One West Waikiki”, Isambard Productions, 1995, Auckland. PM: Katharine Curtis. Producer: Simon Barnes,



PRODUCER / DIRECTOR: “House Hunters International”,  Non-scripted Reality series, ½ hr’s. Leopard USA for HGTV, 2016 – current. Executive Producers: Liz Layton & Amy Van Vessem
DIRECTOR: “Country Calendar”, Factual Documentary series, ½ hrs. TVNZ for TV1, 2015 – current. Producer: Julian O’Brien / Dan Henry
PRODUCER / DIRECTOR / EDITOR: “Primeval New Zealand”, Platinum NZOA Documentary, 1×1 hr. Natural History NZ for TV1, 2011. Executive Producer: Judith Curran
PRODUCER / DIRECTOR: “Shearing Gangs”, Documentary TV Series, 10x½ hr. Great Southern Television for Prime TV, 2010. Executive Producers: Philip Smith, Rachel Gardner
EDITOR: “Life Force / Mutant Planet – Madagascar & New Zealand” episodes. 6 x 1hr Science Documentary series for Discovery Science, NHK, Animal Planet, France 5. Natural History NZ, 2010. Series Producer: Judith Curran
FIELD DIRECTOR / PRODUCTION MANAGER: “World of Wearable Art 2010” Documentary Event x 1hr. Media Inc for Prime, 2010. Producer: Richard Hansen
FIELD PRODUCER/ DIRECTOR: “Little Company of Mary” Documentary/Exhibition inserts for Centre Screen Productions, UK, 2009. Producer: Lisa O’Neill
FIELD PRODUCER / PRODUCTION MANAGER: “World of Wearable Art 2009” Documentary x 1hr. Media Inc for Prime, 2009. Producer: Richard Hansen
DEVELOPMENT PRODUCER: Research & development, shows for History Channel, Animal Planet, Discovery Channel & Smithsonian Channel, Natural History NZ, 2009. Executive: Craig Meade
PRODUCER / DIRECTOR / EDITOR / CAMERA: Music Video, “Waitaha” by maitreya, 2009.
SERIES PRODUCER / WRITER / CONCEPT DEVELOPMENT: “Family Feuds” Non Scripted Format TV Series. Top Shelf Productions for TV2, 2007/08. EP’s: Vincent Burke / Laurie Clarke
SERIES DIRECTOR: “10 Years Younger” Non Scripted Reality TV Series. Cream TV for TV1, 2007. Producer: Ashley Stuart Copeland / Nigel Snowden
EDIT PRODUCER / EDITOR: “Castaway” Ob Doc Reality TV Series, BBC & Worldwide. Lion Television, 2007. Producers: Rob Bagshaw, Jeremy Mills
DIRECTOR / EDITOR / WRITER / CONCEPT DEVELOPMENT: “Cool Kids Cooking” Children’s interstitials, 26x6mins. Series 1, 2 & 3. Top Shelf Productions for TV2, 2006. Producers: Brian Holland / Laurie Clarke. 2006-2010
FIELD PRODUCER: “10 Years Younger” Non Scripted Reality TV Series. Cream TV for TV1, 2006. Producer: Ashley Stuart Copeland
SPECIALTY CAMERA ASSIST: “The Amazing Race Asia” Adventure Reality TV Series (Queenstown Leg). Leading Edge / Active TV, 2006 & 2008. NZ Producers: Dennis Harvey / Fiona McInerney
DIRECTOR / PRODUCER / WRITER: “Remarkable Vets” Ob Doc TV Series, 10x½ hr.
Great Southern Television for TV2 & National Geographic Channel, 2006. Executive Producers: Philip Smith, Rachel Gardner
PRODUCER / DIRECTOR / WRITER / CONCEPT DEVELOPMENT: “Real Escapes” Non Scripted Reality TV Series, 8x ½ hr.Great Southern Television for TV1, 2005. Executive Producer: Philip Smith
PRODUCER / DIRECTOR / WRITER / EDITOR: “Christmas with The Lion Man” Entertainment Special. Great Southern Television for TV2, 2004. Executive Producer: Philip Smith
PRODUCER / DIRECTOR / WRITER / EDITOR: “50K of Coronet Peak” Sports Documentary, 1 x 1hr Great Southern Television for SkyTV, 2004. Executive Producer: Philip Smith
FIELD DIRECTOR: “Kiwifruit”, Cream TV for TV2, 2005. Producer: Ashley Stuart Copeland.
PRODUCER / DIRECTOR / WRITER / EDITOR: “Over The Top” & “Do Your Thing”, children’s interstitials x20, Studio 2, TVNZ / Taylormade, 2004. Executive Producers: Ian Taylor / Annette McFadyen
FIELD DIRECTOR: “Coast”, Visionary TV for MTS, 2004. Producer: Richard Driver
FREELANCE FIELD DIRECTOR / CAMERA / EDITOR: “What Now” & “Tuhono”, Whitebait Productions, 2004. Producers: Janine Morrell & Jason Gunn
PROG DIRECTOR / DRAMA DIRECTOR / EDITOR: WNTV, TVNZ, 2002-03. Producer: Julie Weatherall
PRODUCER / DIRECTOR / EDITOR / CAMERA: Music Video, “Crumbling” by Slim, 2002.
ON-LINE EDITOR / COLOURIST: Go Post, Avalon Studios, 2000 – 2002.
POST PRODUCTION DIRECTOR / FIELD DIRECTOR / EDITOR: “Wired” & “What Now”, TVNZ, Avalon Studios, 1999-2000. Producers: Tony Palmer, Janine Morrell
EDITOR: News editor, Channel 7 Sydney & compile / promo / studio VT op, Foxtel, Sydney, 1997 – 1999.
DIRECTOR / EDITOR / CAMERA / WRITER: “Action Video Productions” & “Channel 5”, Queenstown, 1996-1997. EP’s: Andrew Hillman and Pete Townsend.
PRODUCER / DIRECTOR: “Creative Groove”, 16x field interstitials for What Now. Scorpio Productions, 1996.
DIRECTOR / EDITOR: “What Now?”, TVNZ. Various field stories, 1994-1996. Producer: Anne Williams.
PRODUCER / DIRECTOR / EDITOR: “Get Real”, produced pilot field story. 1995.
CAMERA: “The Great Kiwi Video Show”, field stories. Christchirch 1995.
EDITOR: “Stamp My Breath” – Kirsten Reade, Music Video. Auckland 1995. Director: Matt Sumich.
FIELD PRODUCER / DIRECTOR / CAMERA: “AMI Fun Drive”, corporate promotional, Christchurch 1994. Producer: Anne Williams.
TELEVISION TUTOR: Tutor students in basic video production to produce promotional video and items for TV3’s “Infocus”, Christchurch 1994.
TPA / DA: “Chatterbox”. Studio production for children’s show. Christchurch, 1994.
PRODUCER / DIRECTOR / CAMERA: “Walsh Memorial Scout Flying School”, Promotional Documentary for Scout Association NZ. Scorpio Productions 1994.
PRODUCER / DIRECTOR / CAMERA / EDITOR: “Simultaneous Visual Reproduction”, short film. 1993.
DIRECTOR / CAMERA / FIELD PRESENTER: “Outlook”, contributor to CTV’s Outlook programme. 1993.
STUDIO PA / TELEOP: “What Now?”, Live Children’s Programme. 1991-94.


STAGE MANAGER / TECHNICAL SOUND AND LIGHTING: “The Twelfth Night”, 1997, Queenstown. Producer: Anton Ruddenklau Director: Michael Robinson.
PRODUCTION  COORDINATOR:  “The Steamy Night on the Wharf Ball”. Queenstown Winter Festival, 1997. Producer:  Anton Ruddenklau.
TECHNICAL SUPPORT:  “Latte Resort”,  Queenstown, 1997. Directed by Penni Bousfield,
PRODUCTION  / STAGE MANAGER: “A Midsummer Summer Night’s Dream”, Queenstown, 1996. Producer: Anton Ruddenklau, Director: Michael Robinson.
FLOOR MANAGER: “Smoke Free Stage Challenge” , TVNZ OB. Christchurch 1994.
STAGE MANAGER  / TECHNICAL: “Zigger Zagger, 1993, Christchurch.

“When I hired Celia Offwood I was gaining a total package of top quality skills; an efficient, innovative producer, a creative, committed director, and a highly skilled editor with a natural flair for the latest digital technology. Celia always has a strategy ready for every contingency and the good humoured ability to deliver quality primetime television programs on time and on budget”. Judith Curran – Executive Producer, NHNZ

“Shout out to bad ass director Celia Jaspers killing it on an episode of House Hunters International in Wellington, NZ! Not only was she directing our drone pilot here (reference photo) but she was also running traffic with 2 cams with her DP plus six talent including two infants. Just want to say cheers and well done to a true professional. Grace, style and competence! What a joy to witness as Celia’s boss who felt more like a student today !!!  #respect #ladyboss Liz Layton – Co-Executive Producer, House Hunters International, Leopard Films USA

“Celia has a first- class television brain – she has superb instincts and has honed her abilities through a wide variety of work, including on Hyundai Country Calendar. We set very high standards on our show and Celia has always met, or exceeded, those. She gives 100% to any project she’s involved in and I have no hesitation in recommending her for documentary or factual directing work of any kind. Celia will never let you down – and in fact, she’ll bring more to any project she undertakes than you expected. Julian O’Brien – Producer, Country Calendar

“While I have not worked with Celia Jaspers, we have had several discussions on many aspects of television production, artistic integrity versus commercial reality, etc. I found her intelligent, insightful and she conveyed a calmness and common sense that immediately appealed. I have been a fan of her work on Country Calendar for many years. One standout feature is gaining the audience’s emotional involvement with these enterprising, down-to-earth types of the land. An important, indeed vital, ingredient in any successful television production. Her short film is powerful and subtle. Well cast and written. I would recommend Celia to any position in the television or film industry”. Alan Duff – Author & Screenwriter

“Celia is extremely capable in a wide range of industry skills. I found Celia to be totally committed, well organised, innovative and always willing to use initiative. She worked long hours when required to meet deadlines, motivated those in her team well and was utterly reliable in delivering material entrusted to her.” Tony Palmer – Producer, TVNZ

“In terms of client liaison, Celia’s skills are first rate. Celia has a thorough, organised and creative approach to her work; she is highly respected by her colleagues. She is self assured, competent and dependable in whatever task she undertakes.” Paul Mainwaring – Operations Manager, Avalon Studios

“Upon commencement Celia proved her worth quickly adapting to work systems and procedures, tight deadlines and the introduction of new digital technologies. When Celia worked under my direction I found her determined, focused and dedicated to her craft, to which she has enviable flair.” “In the short time you’ve been here you’ve earned the respect of editors, reporters and producers with keen attention to detail and a business like approach to tasks at hand. Few people in this industry have impressed me as much so early in their tenure.” Ian Audsley – CHANNEL 7, Australia

“She is fostering a loyal customer base by being highly efficient, fast, offering creative solutions, taking an active interest in clients projects and working hard to master unfamiliar equipment and meet technical standards”. “Very fast, one of the fastest operators I’ve worked with” “Very creative, good at anticipating needs” “She’s a delight to work with” Go Post Production

Download Celia’s résumé here